Jacob Lacroix – 19 years old – Road Team


My name is Jacob. I grew up in Gatineau and started racing at 17. I work at BGIS in the summer and as an alpine ski coach in the winter. I love everything about biking, from the training to the technology and the new places it makes me discover. I Ride With Rendall to get to the next level of bike racing.

Why/how did you first get into cycling?

I started working in Ottawa in 2016. Being too cheap to pay for the bus and not having a car, I biked to work. Wanting to sleep in longer, I got an entry level road bike and started taking KOM’s in my neighborhood on Strava. The next fall I wanted to start racing with my brother and maybe do 1 or 2 fqsc races but less than a week before the Calabogie Classic, Guillaume Lafleur Contacted me to race with OBC Jr Team because he had seen some of my KOM’s. After the first race I was hooked and it’s only gotten better from there.

Why do you like to race and what is your proudest racing moment?

I love going really fast and being on the limit with a bunch of other people. My proudest racing moment is by far my 3rd place finish at the elite Quebec Road Race Championships.

What else do you do for fun other than cycling?

I love alpine skiing. I’ve done it since I was 2 years old and raced for 8 years. I also love football and played through high school. Finally, I like outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

What is your favorite ride and why?

My favorite ride is the next adventure. I often get tired of riding the same loops so I love when I find a new super calm road to discover. Lucky for me, I’ve only biked for 2 years so I can find new stuff every week!