Jérémie La Grenade – 17 years old – Mountain Bike Team


My name is Jérémie, I am a junior racer on the mountain bike, road and cyclo-cross scene. I have joined Cycling Canada’s NextGen program two years ago and I have been training and racing all over north America.  I am currently taking online classes for school and I am also working in a bike shop as a sales man.

Why/how did you first get into cycling?

I started riding my bike with two of my neighbors, eventually I decided that I wanted to try a race at Fortune and I instantly fallen in love with the sport. Since then cycling has been the biggest part of my life and I learned a lot of things from it.

Why do you like to race and what is your proudest racing moment?

Since I have started I always wanted to be the fastest whether it was down or uphill, but I think that chasing the podium or the first place is what’s exciting me the most about races. My proudest moment is definitely my first victory; it was during a Quebec Cup in Baie Saint-Paul and I had never been first in a Provincial race before.

What else do you do for fun other than cycling?

I like to spend time with my friends and get out in the nature. I also play guitar when I have nothing to do at home.

What is your favorite ride and why?

I don’t have one favorite ride, but I have a lot of memories from different rides. For me the environment around my ride is what makes it special; if I have good friend around and I am having fun on my bike any ride can be the best !