Max Rubarth – 23 years old – Road Team


My name is Max and this is my second season racing with Ride with Rendall. I started racing in Ottawa after high school and have gained experience racing in Quebec and BC. Coming from a highly competitive curling background, the relaxing nature of bike racing has been a welcome change :P. I currently study in environmental studies at Carleton University and am hoping to continue training and racing competitively while studying full time.

How did I first get into cycling

My introduction into cycling was not through the riding aspect but through building bikes. My younger brother and I would Frankenstein bikes together in our garage to flip for profit. Our bike mechanic skills steadily improved and gear acquisition syndrome began to take over. I began to ride on the road after taking out my dad’s Nishiki Landau into Gatineau park with my high school cycling club. I then got into working at my local bike shop Cyclelogik up until it closed this past fall (RIP). The bike and cycling obsession blew up from there.

Why do I like racing and proudest moment

I like racing for the rush you get after a speedy sprint. The road trips with teammates and seeing sights on the bike are a close second. My proudest racing moment is getting a top 10 result at the 2019 Tour de Beauce.

Fun outside of racing

Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time and I have really been enjoying shooting and collecting film cameras for the past couple of years. My most recent cool acquisition has been a Mamiya Press medium format system. I am also interested in frame building after building my own steel frame two years ago with a friend. Hopefully I can pursue that hobby more after graduation.

Favourite ride

The classic Gatineau park loop is my favourite ride locally for its high-quality terrain and pavement. It’s proximity to good cafes is also a plus 😊. Kitchen Creek in California is also a super awesome ride with a gate closing it to cars!